Hello! I am Noel Gonzalez

I'm a Product Designer

As a Product Designer with 21 years of experience, my career background has covered UX Design, UI Design, UX Research, Prototyping, User Testing, Technical Specifications, Wireframing, Information Architecture (IA), and UI Development. Below you can view a recent, select sample of my work that I’ve created across industries, platforms, and devices.

My Work

SaaS CRM Application Feature: SharpSpring Chatbot Application Feature

Chatbot feature release allows deeper integration to SharpSpring CRM. I designed the Chatbot feature for desktop and mobile customer experience out of the box. I utilized the current existing patterns of the CRM Visual Workflow Builder that customers are familiar with to provide a seamless new feature and increase a higher adaptivity rate.


SaaS Application: PwC Column Mapping Application Feature

The Column Mapping application feature would allow users to upload a headless spreadsheet to the application. The File Configuration would process the data and map the data via automation (RPA). Any data that was not able to get mapped via automation the app would recommend, and the user would have to reject or approve the app recommendation.


iOS Native Application: IOME

IOME is a secure and affordable commercial IP-based telecommunication solution designed for startups, small and medium-sized businesses to stay connected worldwide.


Android Native Application: MSG Codetel

MSG codetel Messenger delivers a simple and easy to use messaging service based on your phone number that is secure. All messages are sent securely using the best AES encryption system.


iOS and Android Native Applications: Mail Codetel

codetel Mail is a quick alternative when you need to send sensitive information across the internet. Emails are sent securely using the best AES encryption system. The codetel Mail technology then routes the encrypted message to a recipient. The process is transparent to the sender, who is composing and sending the email in the usual manner. codetel Mail encrypts your email in three easy steps: “Flip” after composing your message; “Stamp” to encrypt; and “Send” to your intended recipient.