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SharpSpring Chatbot CRM Feature

The Client: SharpSpring

Objective: Design a Chatbot tool that leverages SharpSpring automation process to continue to add value to the CRM application and its customers

Challenge: Working within an existing legacy pattern and limited to creativity within particular boundaries

My Role: Principal UX Designer (Wireframing, UI Design, Interaction Design)

Tools: Figma

Chatbot feature release allows deeper integration to SharpSpring CRM. I designed the Chatbot feature for desktop and mobile customer experience out of the box. I utilized the current existing patterns of the CRM Visual Workflow Builder that customers are familiar with to provide a seamless new feature and increase a higher adaptivity rate.

Also just in case y'all haven't heard, people are crazy about Chatbot's. We've been getting a lot of support tickets, and a good amount of them start with a couple of sentences about how much they love the Chatbot and what a powerful feature it is that's going to help their business.

The Chatbot feature had an impact across several parts of the application. I created a 3 step process for the initial creation of the chatbot. This process allows the user to target specific domains or pages, the audience type such as "New Visitors," "Returning Visitors," and even "Custom Fields," making this an extremely powerful lead acquisition tool.

The Chatbot feature has several options to be customized to represent the user or company brand. When creating this initial process, I wanted to achieve seamless interaction with the least amount of friction but, at the same time, provide the most amount of customization to the user.

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