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PwC Column Mapping Application

The Client: PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Objective: Design a tool where users will upload a document and leverage RPA for data formatting and recommendation

Challenge: Displaying incomplete data to the user and handling automation recomendations

My Role: Principal UX Designer (Wireframing, Prototype, Interaction Design)

Tools: Axure RP, PowerPoint

The Column Mapping application feature would allow users to upload a headless spreadsheet to the application. The File Configuration would process the data and map the data via automation (RPA). Any data that was not able to get mapped via automation the app would recommend, and the user would have to reject or approve the app recommendation.

This application required to account for currency type and data type structure. The left side of the screen would account for the rules and format type of the document. The right side of the application would be used to represent the data visually and in a format that would be easy to consume. Also, KPI's were added to the design to assist the user in providing a visual representation of any critical points in their document import.