Hello! I am Noel Gonzalez.
I'm a UX/Product Design Lead,
As an adept UX/Product Design Lead with more than 15+ years of experience, I bring a dynamic and innovative approach to crafting user-centric solutions across diverse industries. I have a proven track record of spearheading impactful projects that elevate user engagement and propel business expansion. My expertise lies in harnessing design thinking, conducting thorough user research, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to deliver captivating digital experiences.

Rentvine Advertising Step Modal with AI Assist Experience seamless content refinement with a new AI feature! It empowers users to effortlessly tweak descriptions and offers options to rewrite, expand, shorten, or adjust tone with just a click.

Leveraging data from our step modal, refining property descriptions becomes a breeze. A step-by-step listing activation procedure complements part of this UX redesign. Quickly complete vital details to promptly advertise and syndicate properties across the internet.
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Rentvine Owners Portal Dashboard The objective of the dashboard owners portal was to provide a high-level view of your property's net cash flow, total equity, cash-on-cash return, and ability to make contributions. Additionally, this Dashboard would allow you to compare year-over-year breakdown expenses and visualize your overall real estate investments. Learn More
Edward Jones Adjust Cash Feature While at Edward Jones, I contributed to two teams by crafting feature solutions tailored for financial advisors. My role involved designing time-saving workflows and enhancing usability within the legacy web application, adding significant value to the user experience.

The Adjust Cash feature was a significant contribution, allowing financial advisors to streamline their workflow and save time in return.
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