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iOS & Android Apps: Mail Codetel

The Client: Macate

Objective: To design an email mobile application for iOS and Android platforms

Challenge: To design a mobile application for two different platforms and try to maintain the same design patterns while adhering to their specific design guidelines

My Role: Principal UX Designer (Research, Wireframing, UI Design, Prototype)

Tools: Adobe XD, Apple Keynote

codetel Mail is a quick alternative when you need to send sensitive information across the internet. Emails are sent securely using the best AES encryption system. The codetel Mail technology then routes the encrypted message to a recipient. The process is transparent to the sender, who is composing and sending the email in the usual manner. codetel Mail encrypts your email in three easy steps: “Flip” after composing your message; “Stamp” to encrypt; and “Send” to your intended recipient.