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IOME iOS Native App

The Client: Macate

Objective: A complete redesign of the existing mobile application

Challenge: Complete the redesign within a two sprints time

My Role: Principal UX Designer (Research, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototype)

Tools: Adobe XD, Apple Keynote

IOME was designed to be a secure and affordable commercial IP-based telecommunication solution designed for startups, small and medium-sized businesses to stay connected worldwide.

Businesses have the flexibility to setup easily and cost-effectively. IOME provides a reliable business communication service, with crystal clear voice quality and easy installation. Users can easily login via its web portal, to add users to a particular extension, view outgoing and incoming calls; setup calls permissions and hours, etc.

The IOME iOS App was a fun project for me personally. The objective here was to redesign the app from zero. But at the same time, the business requirements were kept top of mind. The complexity of your typical phone dashboard was to be translated into a digital form factor. I achieved this by utilizing the Apple iOS guidelines and design patterns.

All the options you would typically find in a bulky desk phone such as; answer, transfer, look-up extension, hold, drop, detached, ingored, dial, and more all keeping privacy and encryption as a priority. The application feels custom, but at the same time, the user experience is intuitive for an iOS user.

IOME App Prototype